First IO organized by GDG Dang


Google I/O session is the yearly event organized by Google to give information and hold the discussion of new technology releases and product launch. The I/O session is the medium to connect the general public with the Google technology.
It was the first IO organized by GDG Dang in Dang and Butwal with the same agendas

A brief detail on the event:
Google I/O Recap session in Dang was organized on 18th June 2016 from 10:00-4:00 PM, at Creative Techno Solutions, Ghorahi, Dang .
Google I/O Recap session in Butwal was organized on 20th June 2016 from 10:00-4:00 PM, at Nepathya College (Sky International College), Butwal.

The event formally started with the welcome speech of Niraj Bhusal, the current community manager and founder of GDG Dang. He introduced the participants what GDG Dang is and what its visions are. He explained the participants the activities of GDG and how it can contribute to the community. A talk session was completed explaining about Google I/O.

Event Details:
Keynote Session:

Google I/O 2016 keynote session was watched along with all the participants with discussion among them as well.
Google VR Cardboard:
All the participants were given chance to experience VR through the Google Cardboard. The participants seemed very much amazed and enthusiastic about this experience.

Refreshment Break
Tech Talk session:
A small Tech Talk session was held afterwards. Discussion was done among the organizer and the participants regarding the new machine learning methods. Information was shared about material design as well.
Product discussion:
A discussion was held regarding the new technologies and products shown in I/O Keynote. Participants seemed to be enthusiastic about Google Home assistant, VR and Modular Phone(Project Ara).

Code Lab:
The participants were taught the basic things about android development. They learnt to install android studio and the basic concept behind it. Mr. Shandesh Chaudhary from Ambikeshwari College showed them demo of Online store running on local server. and Mr. Arun Chaudhary from Rapti Engineering College showed them demo of coding by displaying a basic coding output, “Hello World” who had previously been a part of Android Jams previously conducted in Dang and had developed some apps after the course. Where as in Butwal the Hello World on Android Studio was lead by Ganesh Raj Khanal.

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